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Jobs Lost:

Thanks to the limits on H-1B Visas, America loses not only scientists and engineers who could fill vacant high-skilled jobs, but also the additional jobs that these scientists and engineers would create. As a result, America loses 500,000 jobs every year. Spread across 50 five-day workweeks, this translates into 2,000 U.S. jobs not created every business day because of overly-restrictive U.S. immigration policy; or, to put it another way, that roughly equals a new job that is lost in America every 63 seconds.

Lame Duck Action Urged


November 13, 2006

Contact:  Eric Thomas or Frances Cox, The Fratelli Group, 202-822-9491


Compete America Calls on Congress to Reform H-1B Visa and EB Green Card Programs This Year

Washington, DC – Compete America, along with more than 200 leading companies, universities and trade associations, today sent a letter to Members of Congress to urge swift action on reforms to the counterproductive and outdated H-1B visa and employment-based (EB) green card programsbefore Congress adjourns for the year. In the letter, the organizations call on Congress to enact reforms to both systems that:

  • Ensure that U.S. employers and universities have the ability to recruit and retain highly educated foreign-born talent;
  • Reform outdated caps on H-1B visas that currently prevent U.S. employers from hiring H-1B workers until October 2007; and
  • Fix EB green card processing backlogs.

The organizations note that to maintain America’s innovation leadership and to enhance U.S. competitiveness, enacting reforms is critical. The H-1B visa and EB green card systems must be fixed in 2006!

For more information on how highly educated immigration benefits America, please visit www.competeamerica.org.

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Compete America (www.competeamerica.org) is a coalition of corporations, educators, research institutions and trade associations concerned about legal, employment-based immigration and committed to ensuring that the United States has the highly educated workforce necessary to ensure continued innovation, job creation and leadership in a worldwide economy.

Lame-Duck-Letter-Transmission-FINAL.pdf 44.7 KB

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